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12 Features of a Strong Real Estate Website

At first glance, many real estate websites look pretty much the same. However, some get better results while others generate almost no leads. Check the following list of 12 features that we consider crucial for a successful real estate web presence. Can your website do that?
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A Quick Guide To Sending Great Emails

Email convert like no other online marketing channel, and clients react positively to emails that are tailored to their demographic, interests or needs. In other words, email marketing can get you a high return on investment, if you're sending relevant content to your clients. Here are a few points to consider:
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Great SEO with Engaging Content - 10 tips to boost your blog posts now!

Writing quality content for your website is vital to keep your brand and your business alive. It is also laboursome, which is why many of us don't bother. However, to achieve a competitive edge, it might just be the secret weapon you were looking for. This series of articles is designed to give you a first guide into creating content that is loved by people and Google robots alike.
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Imagery - Convey the Message

A picture says more than 1000 words. Sounds profane? It is, and it isn't. In a world of Instagram, Snap Chat and Pinterest visuals are the main draw for attention. Learn how to use them to enhance your content.
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Building Relationships with Links

Linking your article appropriately has a positive effect on your SERP (search engine rating page). These links will endorse other sources, and show that you recognize other people's work. Hence, they increase the credibility and thereby the quality of your own content.
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Meta Data

Meta Data can be surmised as "behind-the-scenes" description of data that you're introducing to search engines. Its job is to optimize your content's visibility on the web.
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Enticing Call-to-Actions

Enticing your visitors to become clients or customers is likely the very reason you have a website in the first place. In order to create CTAs that work for you, you have to identify what it is, you would like your visitor to do.
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Writing Relevant Content

Writing content for a website can be and often is as daunting as the feared empty page in front of us. We know it needs to be enticing, targeted, not too short, not too long - in a nutshell the pressure rises. Learn how to break it up in managable pieces.
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Captivating Titles

The headlines of online content have two functions, it's a powerful tool to show Google what the following article is about and it should grab your reader's attention; it either solves there problems or promises value.
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Keyword Optimization with Searcher's Intent in Mind

Focussing on your target audience and their problems is 'key' to define keywords or phrases that lead to your website. Here is how you identify and use them.
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