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Responsive Web Design

These days, people use their phones and tablets to look for your business more than they use their computers. Our websites respond to your customer's browsing behaviour. They are functional and look fabulous on all devices.

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Client-Focussed Web Design

Your website is an integral part of your business, and our optimized user experience makes it easy for you to add or change content as you grow with your website.

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SEO | Search Engine Optimization

You need a web presence that connects your business to your target audience. Therefore, SEO is a crucial part of every website's set up. We make sure that your site meets the requirements of Google, Yahoo, Bing & Co and will show you how to produce content that meets online marketing standards.

How We Design Websites

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Collaboration & Listening

We build websites that build your business. That's why we will always invest a considerable amount of time to get to know your business and to understand what you want to achieve in the future. In this phase, we're also learning about your preferences, ideas & goals.

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Web Design Project Planning

When planning your website project, we translate your goals and ideas into a project draft that meets online marketing standards. It defines all features that are needed for your website and describes how we can present your business best. Because your feedback is crucial to us, we're keeping you informed throughout the process.

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Web Design & Coding

You've agreed to our project plan? Great! During the website design process we're putting the pieces together. We also understand that new ideas develop during this process, so we're always happy to change things around a bit in order to implement new ideas from you that came up later on.

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User Manual for your Website

To increase your online impact, your website needs to be your tool. You will have to edit the content, add blog articles and new imagery in order to keep it up-to-date. With all our websites comes a customized user manual that makes these tasks as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

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Analytics and SEO

After your website is out there, we need to make sure that you're seen and that you get connected to your audience. Here is where all the preset SEO magic happens. Here is also where we help you tweak keyword phrases, content development, and social media support.

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