Friedrich-List-Schule, Germany

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The Friedrich-List-Schule in Kassel, Germany is a vocational school with numerous different departments. The challenge was to present the complex number of classes, courses, departments and partners of the school in a well-defined navigation structure. The colour scheme with green as its main colour was predefined by the school's logo. We chose to add a matching turquois and red as signal colours for call-to-action buttons. 

Different basic structures for the different content types were predesigned by Virtual Wave Media to make sure that new content is always visually represented in the same way as the existing content. This makes it easy for the school administrators to create new content without having to worry about messing existing structures.

The design of the page combines images of the school and students visually in form of a slide show on the front page with the easy to read and find content elements. Moreover, this page offers the school to import their Outlook calender data into the web calendar, and has user areas that are accessible with specific logins only. 

clean design
extensive slide show integration
high degree of back-end usabilty (UX)
membership management
search engine optimized (SEO)
  • Aug 31, 2012
  • Friedrich-List-Schule Kassel
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