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Greenangels.com is the platform for a foundation that does amazing things on the gulf islands. By chopping donated wood and selling it, they were able to raise considerable amounts of money that they donated to causes on the gulf islands and world-wide.


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Energy Connections 2016 website screenshot webdesign by Virtual Wave Media

The event page for Energy Connections 2016 in Vancouver is designed in a one-page format look with sub pages leading to information about speakers, sponsors, or event information in general. In contrasting colours, the different areas of the page are clearly separated from each other without interfering with content presentation and call-to-actions.

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  • IMDesign aluminum kitchen design website screenshot webdesign by Virtual Wave Media
  • IMDesign aluminum kitchen design website screenshot webdesign by Virtual Wave Media

IM Design - Innovative Modern Design was in need of a website that portrays their stunning aluminum cabinetry. Having this fabulous photo material to work with made the design decisions quite easy. What was needed was a clean slate that supported the product.

They also had a clear concept of what their website should do for them: Get them found and get customers to call them. This shaped our focus of the website concept. Next to allowing visitors to learn about their product and their customized way of designing and assembling, we focused on impeccable SEO that focussed on their niche and clearly positioned call-to-actions. They were very pleased to find out that within 6 weeks, they became #2 world wide for aluminum designed kitchens on Google.

  • Screenshot of bcsea.org - web design project Virtual Wave Media
  • Screenshot of bcsea.org - web design project Virtual Wave Media

Virtual Wave Media re-designed the BCSEA webpage together with Blackfly Solutions to meet a number of different requirements. The webpage displays the important contribution of news articles that BCSEA offers in the field of Sustainable Energy Discussion. 

Moreover, the organization itself needed a structured Call-to-Action set up to attract new customers. A third pillar of the web presence was the display of the different chapters within BCSEA. 

This complex structure is based on a drupal set up with CiviCRM functionality to manage the ever growing number of members.

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  • Screenshot of iicrd.org iicrd-tree- web design project Virtual Wave Media
  • Screenshot of iicrd.org homepage - web design project Virtual Wave Media
  • Screenshot of iicrd.org desktop and mobile view- web design project Virtual Wave Media

The International Institute for Child Rights requested a web presence that displayed their core values, projects and message as a non-for-profit organization that supports and fights for child rights all over the world.

The website was also an umbrella site for their numerous projects and programs. In this umbrella function, the website was set up to automatically display events and resources from other IICRD-connected pages.

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Heath Dennison runs a successful Powerskating School that offers courses all over Vancouver Island. He felt he needed to renew his web presence to respond to the new technology and communciation demands of  his clients, mainly children, teenager, and their parents. 

More importantly, he wanted to streamline the registration process of the variety of courses he offered at different times at the various locations across Vancouver Island. After receiving our comprehensive introduction into the CMS Drupal, his new registration system now gives him the flexibility and freedom to create specific courses on the basis of predefined course definitions, locations and calender system independently from a webmaster. 

  • screenshot of gathr.ca, on a mockup Apple IMac designed by Virtual Wave Media
  • screenshot of gathr.ca on apple devices in flat design

When Royal Roads approached us with the project of setting up a collaboration platform that allows students of Royal Roads University to work together beyond course structures and even after they graduated university, we were excited. Gathr.ca is a platform that lets people get together in groups around topics of interest in order to "create the change they want to see in the world" (one of Royal Roads University slogans).

Features of the platform are event management, collaborating in groups, a bulletin board, a resource library and an extensive user and media management. This type of platform can be transferred to other areas, such as community platforms or internal business collaboration platforms, to mention but a few. 

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  • screenshot of iicrd learning hub - on a flat design Apple devices mockup designed by Virtual wave media
  • screenshot of  iicrd learning hubg - designed by Virtual wave media

The Learning-Hub of the International Institute for Child Rights & Development in Victoria is a platform where people all over the world can communicate about projects that are realted to the children's rights. It also offers space to attend virtual and real-life courses and get certified by IICRD's recognized stamp and certification system. We are glad to have been able to contribute to such a good cause by setting up the tools that members around the globe can now use to work on behalf of children all over the world.

The platform lets members collaborate on projects, or offers the gathering space for course participants. 


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  • screenshot of maplecovecabin.com on a flat design IMac mockup
  • screenshot of www.maplecovecabin.com with a photo of Port Browning, Pender Island through trees

The owners of this amazing vacation rental on Pender Island are garden designers with a focus on colour. Therefore, it was clear from the beginning that colour schemes were an important element in this design process. The Popes put a big effort in designing their property in harmony with the landscape that surrounds them. Therefore, we felt that their website had to reflect this pardigm. We chose an almost monochromatic colour scheme that contained various shades of greys and green. Those of us who were fortunate enough to have had visited Pender will know that this is one of the dominant colours on a forrested property. 

Another important part of this design project was simplicity and easy navigation. Therefore, we included a lot of 'white space', space without content, in order to achieve a clean look. Also, content was organized in clearly separated paragraphs and tables. Imagery was used pointedly without interfering with the overall paradigm of a clean, monochromatic web page layout. We decided to use a navigation that was organized as tabs underneath the main image to make it a very user-friendly page, as not all customers who are looking for a relaxing vacation are necessarily also tech-wizards.

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  • screenshot of www.dragonflycentre.ca on a flat design IMAC mockup
  • screenshot of homepage of www.dragonflycentre.ca with realistic images and fence
  • screenshot www.dragonflycentre.ca real illustrations with crayons on brown paper

The Dragonfly Child Care and Family Centre or PICCS on Pender Island was looking for a website that enabled them to communicate their mission statement, describe their programs, and published their events. We felt the design had to reflect characteristics of a child care centre in general, and elements of the Dragonfly Child Care Centre in particular. Therefore, the colour scheme that was used here were basic colours on a neutral background. The design elements all reflected items that can be found in a child care centre (crayons, brushes, little bits of paper, paint blobs etc.). As a very personal touch we decided to add a front page as an entrance with the same lettering as the original entrance of the centre in order to achieve a high level of recognition among the site users.

However, it was important to keep easy navigation and a clear overview in mind, so we added a lot of white space. We also colour coordinated the content of one page with the respective crayon. The active page is emphasized with a slightly indented crayon.

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