Keyword Optimization with Searcher's Intent in Mind

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Keyword Optimization is one of the most complex topics of writing content (with SEO in the back of your mind). First of all, keywords should probably be called key phrases, because we rarely only use one word as "our keyword". 

Secondly, use a primary keyword phrase that is close to what you think your targeted audience will actually look for. Then relax, new research shows for 2015...

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Be Proactive - Plan Ahead

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Plan your overall strategy

The more you focus on a concise message and quality content, the more important it is to plan your overall strategy ahead and to set your overall tone. The following questions cover  important considerations:

  • Who are you writing to?
  • What are your searchers' intent(s)? 
  • How do you plan to serve those intents aka create value
  • ...

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The Layout of your Website

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In order to establish yourself as a brand that offers valuable content to your customers, consistency in layout and message is essential. The general layout of your blog or web page is the sum of all your work. Your overall message should be consistent. Your readers want to feel at ease on your site. You don't want to make them guess what it is you have to say, and, most...

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Publish your Content Effectively

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Pitching like a Pro

In a way, pitching the article you just wrote will be one of the most important aspects of your content creation. After all, the best content might not be found if it hasn't been marketed well.

We've covered the most obvious place to market your blog: on your website. However, you shouldn't stop there. Use Social Media to spread the word and to increase...

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