Meta Data

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Meta Data - the important and not-so important parts

Meta Data can be surmised as "behind-the-scenes" content description that increases your content's visibility on the web.

Whereas the "meta keywords" are no longer of relevance to your search engine results, meta titles and meta descriptions are known to have an impact on your conversions (people not only finding your...

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Enticing Call-to-Actions

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Lead your Readers' Attention

A "Call to action" is a phrase or single word that gets your visitor to become active on your page. Examples for obvious CTAs are the "Buy Now!" or "Like us on Facebook!" Buttons. The first one urges a user to buy your product the latter wants to build relationships.

In order to create CTAs that work for you, you have to identify what it is, you...

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Writing Relevant Content

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Writing concise and targeted content

After you've planned your blog article, identified your key phrases and have come up with a good title, writing content will be a lot more targeted and concise than without taking any of the pre-considerations.

So off you go, start writing! To ensure that your content is engaging for your audience and successful in search engine rankings,...

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Captivating Titles

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The title promises answers to your reader's questions

When you think back a couple of minutes ago, do you remember why you clicked on the link that led you to this article? If you actually searched for the targeted keyword phrase, chances are, the title promised you the answer to what you were looking for.

Short of the head image, the title is probably the most important...

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